The Top 101 Vegan Recipes – All Plant Based!

Thank You for taking the time to download our recipe book. This is an important step towards improving your well-being, improving the environment and improving the lives of animals. The Plant based dietary lifestyle is known to have major health benefits and can have a positive impact on the environment.


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Some of the recipes in this book require the use of a blender, for your convenience, at the bottom of this page, we have included an easy link to where You can purchase the LA Vegan shark and have it delivered to Your home free of charge.

If You are a beginner to the plant based dietary lifestyle ,please feel free to download The LA Vegan guide to Plant based living for beginners where You will find all the information You need to understand how easy plant based-Vegan cooking really is and How You can begin to take part in this spectacular way of life today!

Thanks again from LA Vegan where your wellness matters!

To Your health and to the environment


The LA Vegan team

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