Special Financing

Welcome to the LA Vegan Special Financing Page

Where you will find financing options for everyone including you!

At LA Vegan we want to make it all affordable and easy for everyone to own This Magnificent luxury power blender, so we have implemented special financing options to meet everyone’s needs.

We offer financing on our high speed blender to good people with bad credit or good people with good credit. No matter what your credit situation we have an option that will work for you!

Here are our financing options:

Option number 1 (good to fair Credit):

$0 down 0% interest and 0 payments for 6 months! That means you pay nothing or whatever you’re comfortable with for the first 6 months!

Most people will qualify for this type of financing, if you do it might be the best way to go. This program is  fast and easy to apply for and provided by Pay-Pal credit .

When you are ready to check out just hit the “PayPal credit” button and you will be taken to to the PayPal page to open a Fast and easy Pay-Pal line of credit within minutes . As soon as you are approved, your purchase will be automatically paid for by PayPal Bank who will give you six months of no interest financing!

At the bottom of the Pay-Pal page there will be a link to return to LA Vegan Shark page which you came from.

Option number 2 ( No credit qualifying)

If you do not yet qualify for the Pay-Pal line of credit, have no fear Shark E-Z pay financing is here! Just come back to this page, hit the blue E-Z PAY icon (at the bottom of this page) And choose one of the installment options that you are most comfortable with.

You can put as little as $66 or up to $88 down and can have up to 12 months or as little as 3 weeks to pay with this option, it’s up to you! You have the long-term to make small comfortable payments regardless of your credit score!

This is provided by M Power -Vegan Mart and is serviced buy a simple and easy to set up Pay-Pal account, which should take you about 3 to 6 minutes to set up (if you don’t  yet have one).

You can set it up to fund from your bank account, from your credit card, debit card or all of the above it’s easy and up to you.

This installment plan does carry some administrative financing cost, you will see the total cost in the plan break – Down.

To pay with Shark E-Z pay financing, click on the installment plan which you like best, confirm and you will be the proud new owner of an LA Vegan Shark, for only a small down payment and minimum weekly payments or even payments once every 3 months it’s up to you!

We want you to be happy healthy and well!
here’s to your Wellness from LA Vegan