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Order the LA Vegan Shark and you’re  in for a treat! It’s more than you would expect, and close to the blenders in a juice bar. It’s powerful and really rips through raw veggies, ice, frozen fruit. You can make almond milk with the milk bags that comes with it. Fresh almond milk is just so good. Many commercial users saw how awesome this blender is compared to many brand named blenders.

It has a few settings that give you the option to go full speed on a continuous level and there’s a few times settings. it’s big and holds a lot. Making smoothies is a breeze since it just powers through whatever you throw in there. It doesn’t require taking apart the whole thing to clean it another bonus over my old blender. Rated to blend hot soups too. You can make party level margaritas. Good product which is rugged with it’s High Performance Ultra Dynamic 3 Horse Power Blender 2200 watts if power.