Fast and Easy Warranty Service

We currently offer a Full Year warranty on the LA Vegan Shark.Our  warranty is not “limited” ,we offer a full warranty for any manufacturers defects for a full year. This excludes only damage caused by the customer.

If  Purchased on or  You may message the seller through buyer seller messaging for faster and easier service. The seller will have easier access to Your purchase information and will be able to expedite your request .

If Purchased on or on  You may  call Vegan Mart- 775 center at: 775-238-3356 or email us at :

Alternatively You may private message us at the Facebook fan page ( please Private message only for a warranty response) use the MESSAGE button or the Contact Vegan Mart on Messenger button :

LA Vegan ,Vegan Mart and its authorized Distributors stand by our policy of Integrity . We will make sure to take care of any issues with Your LA Vegan Shark as quickly and easily as possible.

If Purchased on e-bay please inquire with e-bay seller if they are authorized by LA Vegan to resell the shark as it may not be covered by the LA Vegan warranty, possibly being an unauthorized sale .


Thank You for being Our customer!

To Your wellness ,Joy and freedom !

the LA Vegan team